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We partner with you to make your business better. Our success is truly dependent on your success. Our ideal client is a small business or a medium sized business that needs help with online presence.

Our Web services

Website Design and Build

This is your online customers window into your business.  Our Websites are designed to be easy to read and simple to navigate.  Clean, Clear Web Design.

Search Engine Optimization

Want your website to be found on the Internet?  It doesn’t happen by just having the right words on your page anymore, Google changes it’s algorithms frequently, We can help you get to the top page.


Just starting out with online selling? Whether it’s designer shoes or widgets, we can help get you going much faster and less expensive than you think.

Social Media Marketing

Don’t let this term scare you. We have experts that can work with you to define your needs and plan a media campaign that will make you stand out.

WebSite Maintenance

Whether it’s a one time fix or a monthly maintenance schedule, we are happy to take a look at your website and make any adjustments that you may want.

SEO Primer

Not sure if your SEO is working?  We will take a look at all aspects of your SEO including your website and compare it to your top competitors to come up with a plan to make you number one.

Brand Building

There is more to brand recognition than just a good logo. Our team can create and implement a plan to make your brand stand out amongst your competitors​


We can bring life to your team photography. We have an extremely creative team that has made simple shots look vibrant and interesting. We can handle all your photography needs

Graphics Design

We have a team of very creative and talented people that can bring your graphics design from boring to captivating.

WebSite Design and Build

What Makes Us Different

Our success is entirely dependent on your success.  That is why our goal is to build a partnership with our clients.  It sounds like a sales pitch but it is 100% how we operate, just ask our clients.  No really, ask our clients. We will be happy to give you a list of clients for you to ask about how we do.  We are still partners with our first client!!

We cater our website design and build to many different industries from theatre companies to construction companies.  We try to immerse ourselves in your business to understand the full landscape of your industry.  We feel that understanding your competitors is just as important as understanding you. If we don’t understand your competitors than we can’t make your website number 1 in SEO.

Clean, Clear, Web Design

Ever Get Lost on a Website?

Too Many Annoying Pop Ups?

We won’t let you fall into the bad design traps that your competitors may have fallen into.  A web site has to be easy to navigate and it has to make sense. 

It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to make sense at look good.  But if you want fancy, we can do that too.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What Makes Us Different

Do you want to show up on page one for your search terms? We provide proven methodology when it comes to SEO.  Ask our clients.  We are happy to give you a list of successful SEO clients that rank on the first page for their search terms.

What does showing up on page 1 mean? Well, let me give you some stats:

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
  • Google holds 90% of the search engine market.
  • 81% of people perform some sort of online search before making a purchase.
  • 75% of people ignore paid search results.
  • The average first-page result on google consists of almost 2000 words.

Calgary Website design and Calgary Website Builder

Not from Calgary, that's ok we have lots of clients from Dallas Texas to Kamloops British Columbia

Client Studies

Chrysalis Creative Home Staging

Chrysalis Creative Home Staging was a one person small business that that understood the importance of having a web site on page one of a google search. Ellen  already had a good social media presence and wanted to expand her web site presence. We followed our process of doing a complete competitive analysis and redesigned her web site to target the keywords and phrases she wanted to rank for, achieving page one results in a couple months.  Update – Ellen is moving the company to Vancouver Island in the fall of this year, 2021,  How long will it take to get her to page one on the Island?

McIntyre Crane and Rigging

McIntyre Crane and Rigging is a one of Alberta’s biggest Crane companies based out of Calgary and needed to rank on the first page.  When Dallas came to me he was already ranking well but wanted to make sure that he stayed high and wanted to expand and rank well for Alberta and Western Canada.  We have been working on getting him to page one in these areas and have accomplished the goal in a short period of time, he is ranking on page one in all areas that we targeted.

Lynchpin Global Energy

Lynchpin resources is a startup global energy company based out of Calgary and the Cayman Islands that had an urgent need for an internet presence not only to promote their company but to use as customer and employee portal. The website design is simple but very effective. The need for SEO is not immediate but the building blocks for a strong web presence are there and the SEO component can be expanded successfully at a moments notice.

Envirotech Engineering

Envirotech Engineering is a medium sized business that has been operating for over 20 years in Alberta.  They came to us with a simple request of making their website more modern, they had not done a site rebuild for over 10 years. As well, ranking was not concern of theirs, so no Search Engine Optimization was done.

Riverstone Kitchens

Riverstone Kitchen is a family run small business that needed help with web site updates , redesign of the website and all aspects of Social Media Marketing. We did a full SEO analysis including an in depth competitive analysis to determine words and phrases that they should be ranking for.  We are pleased to say that they have steadily been improving in the rankings  for all target words.

Lease 1 Financial

Lease 1 Financial has been a successful small business for many years that was in need of a little SEO, Social Media and website update help.  They signed up for a low cost monthly program that gave them all of this. 

Puerto Vallarta Fishing Tours is a start up company that does 100% of it’s sales online.  Ranking high in a Google search is critical for the success of the website and the company.  A full array of Social Media outlets were created and a full marketing campaign was launched.  This site utilizes online sales through WooComemrce and a woocommerce payment gateway.

Build My Brand Consulting

Build my Brand Consulting is a new start up that is looking for web presence in an area that has strong competition.  When using  Search Engine Optimization to rank high for certain key phrases the level of competion must be considered, and this is a good example.  “Brand Building” is a very competitive term and there are a lot of very successful companies already in the field.  It is sometimes unrealistic to expect to rank on the first page quickly when starting out.  Instead, ranking with slightly less competitive terms is a good idea. Once the less competitive terms are successful it is much easier to increase ranking with the more competitive terms.

Torch Remote Camps

Torch Industries is a remote camp provider in Norther Alberta. There needs where simple web design build and maintenance with no SEO request.

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