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What is Onsight Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Onsite SEO is what you can do to your website to optimize it for search engines. There are many aspects to Onsite SEO, some are very important, and some are less important but they all add up in the end.

  • Content

Content is the number one most important onsite SEO factor, full stop! More recently Google has change to look more at content than any other factor. Content has to be engaging and useful. Is the content informative?  Google wants to see you give pertinent information on the topic that you are promoting, they do not want to see your sales pitch on what makes you best.  Go in-depth and provide informative information

  • Keywords and Phrases

First and foremost, key words and phrases still matter, a lot.  Decide what your important keywords and phrases are and then use them. How many should you use?  One thing that we do is compare your biggest online competitor if they have a keyword or phrase used 15 times then we will use it 30 time.  Do this for all your keywords and phrases.

  • Header Tags.

Header tags are used to describe what your page is about.  If your site meant to sell widgets then don’t make the first H1 tag “About Us”. H2 tags are the second most important header and should be used accordingly.  If you are unsure what H! and H2 tags are do your research.

  • Page load time

The speed of your page is not only critically important for search engines that crawl you site, it is also critically important for user experience, no one wants to wait for a website to load.

Some tips on improving load times include making sure you size you picture properly.  A full sized istock photo can be 12MB a properly sized photo should only be about 50 KB that’s 200% smaller.

  • Links

Both internal and external links are important to Google.  Internal links will likely keep people on your site longer. Internal links will keep google on your site longer.

  • Responsiveness

This seems like a no-brainer now, but if your site isn’t set up to look good on a phone then it won’t rank well.  It absolutely 100% needs to be responsive.

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